Under eye filler fills in the deep eye sockets, reduces eye bags and adds brightness to the under-eye circles.

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under eye filler

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Filler injections under the eyes is a solution to many patients problems associated with the under eye area, this is considered to be highly safe. It provides real results and it is the method that most physicians recommend because it can correct problems under the eyes precisely and comprehensively, such as dark circles, eye bags, deep eye sockets, hollowed eyes, wrinkles under the eyes and tear grooves, which can be seen after the injection. Immediate results, under eyes will look brighter, the face will look younger, all of this by using only 2 – 4 cc of fillers.

For anyone who has problems under the eyes and is looking for information to help make a decision. What are under eye fillers? What are the advantages and disadvantages?How much are under eye fillers ? Before and after injecting fillers under the eyes. How do you take care of yourself, including choosing a filler injection clinic in Bangkok, where is the best place? Continue reading in this article. 

Under eye filler content

What is under eye filler ?

Filler injections under the eyes are injections of fillers with hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic Acid) into the problematic area under the eyes. In which each case uses a different under-eye injection technique. The experienced physician will evaluate on a case by case basis, for example, patients with deep eye socket problems, a hollowed eye caused by the layer of fat under the eyes or the bone in the eye socket that collapses due to ageing. The solution for these requests is that the physician will inject hard fillers with a technique to support the bone layer under the eyes to fill in the shallower parts of the eyes.

For patients who have problems with eye bags or dark circles, initially, the doctor will need to find the cause and evaluate first what causes the dark circles under the eyes, such as the patient’s lifestyle habits such as staying up late, getting less rest, rubbing the eyes often, when born from abnormalities in the pigment under the eyes, allergies. If a patient has a black eye from a pigment, it can be solved by injecting mesotherapy under the eyes such as Cytocare, Filorga or using a laser to treat pigment but if the dark circles come from deep under the eyes the physician will consider injecting fillers under the eyes.

Under eye filler pros and cons

Pros Cons
It is a safe filler injection. Certified by the FDA. Does not cause allergic reactions. Not permanent results. It depends on the brand of fillers and how you care for yourself after filler injections. But can inject frequently.
No residue in the body and can decompose naturally. After injecting fillers under the eyes there may be swelling, redness, bruising in some cases where the skin is thin, easily bruised or itchy at the point where the needle was inserted.
Solves problems under the eyes on the spot, such as bags under the eyes, dark circles, deep eye sockets, hollowed eyes, wrinkles under the eyes effectively.
You can see the results immediately after the procedure and see the most obvious visual changes in 2 weeks.
No surgery, no time to recuperate and there are steps to do that are not difficult.
Lasts for 6-24 months, depending on the brand and model of the filler used.

Under eye filler cost ?

Under-eye filler prices start at 13,000 baht, depending on the filler promotion of each clinic. This includes the brand of fillers, the number of CC used and the Physician’s injection technique.

At V Square Clinic, only fillers that are world-class brands and have passed standards are used, such as the United States, Sweden and Switzerland. 

Brand and model Lasting time Price / 1 cc
Juvederm Voluma 18 months 14,000 baht
Juvederm Volite 8-12 months 14,000 baht
Juvederm Volux 18-24 months 18,000 baht
Restylane Vital light 6-12 months 14,000 baht
Restylane Perlane lyft 12 months 14,000 baht
Restylane Defyne 18 months 14,000 baht
Restylane classic 12 months 14,000 baht
Restylane Vital 12 months 14,000 baht
Belotero volume 18 months 13,000 baht
Belotero Revive 6-9 months 14,000 baht

Under eye filler before and after

Reviews before-after injecting under eye fillers

under eye filler before and after_1
under eye filler before and after_2
under eye filler before and after_3
under eye filler before and after_4
under eye filler before and after_5
under eye filler before and after_6

Under eye filler injection in bangkok ?

V Square Clinic is considered another popular beauty clinic in Bangkok and has gained the trust of service users. The clinic has always put safety and quality first and the  goal is to remain as a beauty clinic with world-class standards.

Currently, V Square Clinic has opened 26 branches throughout Bangkok and its vicinity. There is a team of physicians with over 15 years of experience in facial restructuring to give advice on the matter directly, not through sales, in order to select procedures that are suitable for each individual’s problems and skin conditions. There are follow-ups after every treatment.


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