What to know about chin fillers. How long do chin fillers last ?

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Chin fillers


Chin filler injections are used to adjust the shape of the face to be narrower. This filler process is one of the most popular procedures, especially for women. As it helps the face look sweet, soft, and youthful without wasting time to recuperate with fast results. Anyone who is interested in chin filler injections and wants more information to make a decision, choose a good clinic, which is safe and confident, here are the answers. 

Chin filler content

What are chin fillers ?

Chin filler is the filling of hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic Acid) into the chin area. This is to enhance the chin, adjusting the face shape to look more delicate. Solving short chin problems, chin reduction or a reverse chin helping to lengthen the chin and leaving the face with dimension. It is a procedure that does not require surgery, there is no scaring involved and the results are immediately visible after the procedure. Therefore, it is suitable for people who want to enhance their chins, but do not want to take the risks of surgery and those who have no time to recuperate.

Chin filler pros and cons


  • Helps to enhance the chin, make the face look more dimensional, fixes the dimples in the chin, adjusts the balance of the chin into a sweet and gentle look, without recuperation.
  • Solve the problem of short chin, chin reducing, receding chin, for a more beautiful and slim face immediately.
  • After chin filler injections, you can use your face without complications. There are needle marks just under the chin for 3-7 days, they will heal with ease, suitable for people who need a slimmer face urgently.
  • Chin fillers can shape the chin if it’s too short to add onto your initial chin and lengthen it. On the other hand if it’s too long, some parts can be broken up immediately.
  • Chin filler shaping can be visibly natural which depends on the injection technique. If the physicians are using standard fillers and chin filler injections with the correct technique. There will be no problem with deformation of the  chin. You can also check  how to detect fake fillers.
  • If chin filler injections are used with the bone reinforcement technique, it will last for a long time and when the fillers are gone, you are able to have continuous fillers without causing the chin to be deformed.


  • Chin fillers can only last 1-2 years per injection.
  • If chin filler injections in the chin layer are too shallow of which genuine standard fillers are used. Over time, the chin can become deformed (if the chin filler injection is executed with the correct technique you will not encounter this problem).

Chin filler costs

Chin filler injections come in a variety of prices. It depends on the brand and model of the filler used (Each filler has different properties, filler texture, duration, resolution and stability including technique doctor’s experience).


Chin filler promotions, special prices at V Square Clinic

  • Restylane Perlane Lyft 14,000.- / 1 CC 
  • Juvederm Voluma 14,000.- / 1 CC
  • Juvederm Volux 18,000.- / 1 CC
  • Belotero Intense 9,900.- / 1 CC
  • Definisse Core 18,000.- / 1 CC

Chin filler before and after


Chin Filler Injection Review solving the problem of short chin and receding chin.


Chin and temple fillers review helping the overall shape of the face to become visually natural | V Square Clinic  


Chin filler injections in Bangkok

If you need filler injections and are looking for a cheek filler injection clinic in Bangkok, V Square Clinic has a service covering more than 20 locations in Bangkok and its vicinity. Supervised by a team of physicians with over 15 years of experience in filler injections, chin reduction and face contouring. More importantly, it is convenient to travel to, easily noticeable as most of them are located in the malls or near the malls.

Risks and complications

For good natural results from chin filler injections, genuine filler products are required. An experienced physician that has the correct injection technique. This is because the chin area has a muscle called the mentalis muscle, which is where physicians need to be precise. If the filler injection is not deep enough and it hits this muscle, it will make the muscles pull the fillers together. The chin becomes deformed, the smile is lumpy and the overall look will be unnatural. 

Therefore, for safe chin filler injections, you should choose a standardised clinic. Physicians  are experienced and use correct injection techniques, this will be the safest option in receiving beautiful results.


In order to get good natural and safe chin filler injections, you should take the clinic option into account, choosing a physician who uses only genuine fillers. Still unsure or have questions? Before injecting chin fillers, consult a physician directly so that the physician can evaluate the face shape and give the best and correct advice.


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