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Jaw filler

Jawline filler

Do you have problems with unclear facial appearance structure and the desire to shape your face and make your face look slimmer? Jaw Fillers are one of the procedures that have attracted both men and women. Nowadays it is becoming more and more popular both in Asia and Europe because of the clear front frame. It will help your face look more proportional and dimensional. More importantly, it makes the face look younger, more charming and attractive, including injections of fillers to adjust the jawline to adjust the face frame and can also help adjust the shape of the face to look slender, solving the issue of the double chin as well.

Jaw filler content

What is jaw filler ?

Jaw fillers are facial reshaping techniques by injecting hyaluronic acid fillers into the jaw area. This is to create a face frame and adjust the shape of the face, as if using fillers to replace the bone to create a new face shape and frame. To have a sharp, beautiful figure, suitable for those who have problems with unclear face frames, large jaws, disfigured jaws, or has accumulated fat in the lower face area, making the face look plump and dimensionless.

What is jaw filler

After the physician adjusts the face shape by injecting fillers in the lower front frame area, from the jaw line to the chin, it will help the lower face to become more balanced. It also helps to lift and tighten the skin around the sagging cheeks in the face contour to make it look more firm, so the face looks lifted and tapered up.

jawline filler men and women

However, the techniques of jaw filler injections in women and men are different. Of which women will inject adjustments to make their faces and will look more dimensional, smooth and slender, whilst men will focus on the issue of sharpness, having a clear ridge which helps to make the face look sharp. Adding a sense that shows the strength of a man. At present, it is found that more and more men turn to jaw filler injections to enhance and  construct a sharper and more visible jawline.

Jaw filler pros and cons


  • It helps to adjust the face shape for a more dimensional and proportionate look, enhancing the jaw line to make it stand out. Also, jaw fillers help to enhance the view of the jaw ridge more clearly.
  • It helps to solve the problem of unbalanced face shapes such as a short chin, round faces, large faces, or unequal jaws. Making your face more slender and V-shape.    
  • Helps to lift and tighten the face. Solves the problem of sagging skin, lifts the hanging cheeks, helps solve the problem of prone mouth corners, including correcting sagging skin around the cheeks.
  • After doing it, you can see the changes immediately. Suitable for those who want a speedy result. After spraying, you can use your face right away, without wasting time to recuperate and followed by no scaring. 


  • Jaw filler injections results are not permanent, because real fillers can disintegrate naturally, but can be re-injected. In addition, jaw filler injections must be done by a qualified physician. Those that are only experienced in facial contouring filler injections, ensuring that there is no danger and receive the expected results. 

Jawline filler costs

Jaw filler injection results are not permanent, because real fillers can disintegrate naturally. but can be re-injected. In addition, jaw filler injections must be done by a qualified physician. Those that are only experienced in facial contouring filler injections, ensuring that there is no danger and receive the expected results.

Jaw filler cost
  1. Juvederm voluma (Filler America) is a hard filler with high flexibility.
    This filler holds a lot of water, medium fluffy substance, can last for 18 months, 13,000.- / 1 CC
  2. Juvederm Volux (Filler America) is a solid filler with high stability, easy to form, also results in a beautiful shape. Helps to adjust the best facial structure, can last for 18-24 months 18,000.- / 1 CC
  3. Restylane perlane Lyft (Swedish filler) is a hard filler, has high stability, does not swell and can maintain a good shape. Used for bone replacement augmentation and remains natural, can last for 12 months 13,000.- / 1 CC 
  4. Belotero volume (Switzerland filler) is a hard filler, flexible and stable and can be injected as bone reinforcement to make the facial structure proportional, for a younger look. Commonly used to adjust face shape, can last for 18 months, 13,000.- / 1 CC

Before injecting, consult a physician to help assess the right amount of fillers and brands for each person for the best results.

Jawline filler injections in Bangkok

Jaw Filler Injection Clinic in Bangkok, V Square Clinic has 20 branches, ready to serve both Thai and foreign patients. Services with standards are open for use. Supervised by a team of physicians with over 15 years of experience in jaw filler injections. A professional facial filler injection spot with convenient transportation which is easily noticeable as most of them are located in or near malls.

1. V Square Clinic Siam Square One.

01 Siam Square One

2. V Square Clinic Gateway Ekamai.


3. V Square Clinic Central Ladprao.

03 Central Ladprao

4. V Square Clinic Major Ratchayothin.


5. V Square Clinic Future Park Rangsit.


6. V Square Clinic Central Chaengwattana

06 Central Chaengwattana

7. V Square Clinic Central Bangna

07 Central Bangna

8. V Square Clinic Seacon Srinakarin


9. V Square Clinic Central Pinklao

09_เซ็นทรัล ปิ่นเกล้า_EN

10. V Square Clinic Central Rama2

10 Central Rama 2

11. V Square Clinic Central Eastville

12 Central Eastville

12. V Square Clinic The Promenade

13 The Promenade

13. V Square Clinic The Mall Bangkapi

14. V Square Clinic Paseo Kanchanapisek

15 Paseo Kanchanapisek

15. V Square Clinic Central Rama3

16 Central Rama 3

16. V Square Clinic The Mall Bangkae

17 The Mall Bangkae

17. V Square Clinic Central Westgate

18 Central Westgate

18. V Square Clinic The Emquartier

19 The EmQuartier

19. V Square Clinic The Mall Thapra

20 The Mall Thapra

20. V Square Clinic Terminal Rama 3


21. V Square Clinic Central Ramindra

23. V Square Clinic Central Salaya


24. V Square Clinic Central Westville


25. V Square Clinic Central Nakhonpathom



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