Tear trough filler solves of eyes reducing wrinkles of age leaving the face looking naturally younger.

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Tear trough filler

The area under the eyes is another location on the face that is visually clear because it is on the centre of the face for the viewer or for the interlocutor to pay more attention to and chooses to look at other points. If the area under the eyes has wrinkles or has tears that are wrinkles of age, it may result in the owner’s lack of confidence.

Tear filler injection is considered an effective and direct solution to the problem. This is suitable for people who look for quick results. No recovery time is required and no need to undergo surgery. For those who are looking for information: What is a tear trough filler? What are the advantages and disadvantages? How much is tear groove filler? Before and after injecting fillers under the eyes. How do you take care of yourself? Including choosing a tear duct filler injection clinic in Bangkok, where is the best place? Continue reading this article.

Tear trough filler content

What is tear trough filler ?

What is tear trough filler

Tear groove filler is injecting HA filler at the tear duct area or slits under the eyes to reduce wrinkles. Wrinkles will look shallower and under the eyes look naturally fuller. In the tear trough area the layer is four times thinner than other areas on the face. When there is a change such as the bone under the eyes collapsing until a deep socket is formed, or the patient has dry, dehydrated skin with increasing age, it will cause collagen depletion. The skin begins to lose strength resulting in no flexibility. This is noticed when we smile or show the face, the area under the eyes becomes wrinkled and becomes more pronounced, making them look shabby, unhealthy and looking older for their age, which is a problem that can occur in women, men or in people at a young age.

Tear trough filler pros and cons

Pros Cons
It is a safe procedure. Fillers can disintegrate naturally. No residue is left in the body. Not permanent results. It depends on the brand of fillers and how you treat yourself after filler injections, but can be injected frequently.
Fillers are FDA-approved fillers that do not cause allergic reactions. After the injection, there may be swelling, redness, bruising in some cases where the skin is thin or itchy at the point where the needle was inserted.
Helps reduce wrinkles under the eyes. Tears are clearly visible. Tear trough area considered a dangerous point on the face. The procedure must be performed by an experienced physician only.
You can see the results immediately after the procedure and notice the most obvious changes within 2 weeks.
There is a process that is not difficult to do. No surgery is required, including no time to recuperate.
Lasts for 6-24 months, depending on the brand and model of filler used.

Tear trough filler cost

The price of the tear trough filler will depend on the filler promotions of each clinic. This includes the brand of fillers, the number of CC used and the physician’s injection technique.

Tear trough filler cost
Brand and model Lasting time Price / 1 cc
Juvederm Voluma 18 months 14,000 baht
Juvederm Volite 8-12 months 14,000 baht
Juvederm Volux 18-24 months 18,000 baht
Restylane Vital light 6-12 months 13,000 baht
Restylane Perlane lyft 12 months 13,000 baht
Restylane Defyne 18 months 14,000 baht
Restylane classic 12 months 14,000 baht
Restylane Vital 12 months 14,000 baht
Belotero volume 18 months 13,000 baht
Belotero Revive 6-9 months 14,000 baht

Tear trough filler before and after

Reviews before-after tear trough filler

Reviews before-after tear trough filler_1
Reviews before-after tear trough filler_2
Reviews before-after tear trough filler_3
Reviews before-after tear trough filler_4

Tear trough filler injection in bangkok

1. V Square Clinic Siam Square One.

01 Siam Square One

2. V Square Clinic Gateway Ekamai.


3. V Square Clinic Central Ladprao.

03 Central Ladprao

4. V Square Clinic Major Ratchayothin.


5. V Square Clinic Future Park Rangsit.


6. V Square Clinic Central Chaengwattana

06 Central Chaengwattana

7. V Square Clinic Central Bangna

07 Central Bangna

8. V Square Clinic Seacon Srinakarin


9. V Square Clinic Central Pinklao

09_เซ็นทรัล ปิ่นเกล้า_EN

10. V Square Clinic Central Rama2

10 Central Rama 2

11. V Square Clinic Central Eastville

12 Central Eastville

12. V Square Clinic The Promenade

13 The Promenade

13. V Square Clinic The Mall Bangkapi

14. V Square Clinic Paseo Kanchanapisek

15 Paseo Kanchanapisek

15. V Square Clinic Central Rama3

16 Central Rama 3

16. V Square Clinic The Mall Bangkae

17 The Mall Bangkae

17. V Square Clinic Central Westgate

18 Central Westgate

18. V Square Clinic The Emquartier

19 The EmQuartier

19. V Square Clinic The Mall Thapra

20 The Mall Thapra

20. V Square Clinic Terminal Rama 3


21. V Square Clinic Central Ramindra

23. V Square Clinic Central Salaya


24. V Square Clinic Central Westville


25. V Square Clinic Central Nakhonpathom



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