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Botox Injections Dr.Pan

Botox injections to reduce wrinkles are becoming even more popular nowadays, this is a faster method to reduce wrinkles with clear results, no scars, no need to recuperate and more importantly appropriately affordable. For safety purposes, patients should be meticulous in choosing a clinic and injecting genuine botox with experienced physicians, observing trustworthy patient reviews to ensure safe and cost-effective results.

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What is Botox

Botox is the trade name for Botulinum toxin type A of which is an extract of the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum, when injected this bacteria will activate Neurotoxins resulting in a temporary reduction in muscle function. This is used in the beauty industry to aid wrinkles, reduce jaw lines, tighten the face to provide a firmer composition. All together making the face slender, botox can also be used to minimise perspiration outbreaks, reduce the size of arm muscle as well as calf muscle.

How Does Botox Work

Why Botox is done

Botox (Botulinum toxin A) has the ability to act as a muscle relaxant. Also, helps to reduce wrinkles that appear on the face, of which applying creams or other skin care products cannot give as satisfying a result as botox injections.

After receiving botox to reduce wrinkles patients will be able to express emotions with minimal excess movement from the muscles in the surrounding area. No creases will be evident and the skin will be more prone to wrinkles  If injected with an experienced surgeon and use genuine certified botox, you will get natural looking results.

Benefits of getting botox 

  • Getting botox helps your face to obtain a younger look. It is a convenient, quick procedure that does not require any special preparations. Also being able to carry on with daily life as normal both before and after receiving botox.
  • Boosts the individual’s self confidence as the wrinkles and furrows are reduced, leaving your face looking younger and brighter.
  • It can prevent future wrinkles. Due to the effect of botox after 3-4 months, facial muscle requires less work. Furthermore, botox helps prevent the formation of new wrinkles and small wrinkles on the face to become deep wrinkles.

Where can I inject Botox ?

Where can I inject Botox

Botox can be administered into different muscle areas which will help solve various problems. The most popular areas to have Botox are:

  • Face Botox – Botox can reduce wrinkles all throughout the face making the skin firm and noticeably younger. Smaller wrinkles will clearly fade, such as Crow’s Feet and Glabellar lines.
  • Under Eyes Botox – The area under the eyes is most prone to wrinkles, wrinkles tend to appear before other areas of the face. Botox also aids in reducing wrinkles in the corners and around the eyes and also crow’s feet.
  • Brow Lift Botox – Helps to raise the eyebrows by applying Botox into the forehead above the eyebrows, making the eyes look larger, also solving the problem of drooping eyelids and helping to lift the eyes for a more sharper look.
  • Forehead Botox – Forehead wrinkles are caused by facial expressions, raising eyebrows, frowning, when left becomes deep grooves of which are difficult to solve. This makes the face look aged. Botox will help loosen muscles and make the skin around the forehead firmer.
  • Jaw Botox – Botox for the jaw will help with the reduction of the jaw, adjust the frame and composition. Botox acts on the nervous system through neurotoxins, resulting in the decrease of muscle function and a clear reduction in face composition making the face more slender.
  • Nose Botox – There are two types of Botox towards the nose, the first is to cut the nasal axis, making the bridge of the nose clearer and inserting the Botox into the wings of the nose. The second type is to reduce the wings of the nose to appear narrower. As we speak or breathe vigorously, the wings of the nose will not widen and will appear smaller, making the nostrils look narrower.
  • Face Lift Botox – It is botox to relax the neck muscles, by applying it to the face area and under the chin, this draws the cheeks and lifts the face for a sharper look.
  • Jawline Botox – Popular Botox among men who do not want to reduce the jaw size, but instead clearing up the sharpness of the face frame and jawline. As jawline Botox provides a  sharp appearance, the slim face technique focuses on shaping the frame and avoids the sweet appearance type.
  • Botox For Migraines – Botox can help relieve migraine headaches and other neurological and brain diseases, whether it is abnormal movement or abnormally stiff muscles. Moreover, Botox can also help treat office syndrome.
  • Botox For Perspiration – Botox injections are a very effective treatment for underarm perspiration (hyperhidrosis), there is evidence of the area of Botox injection from the FDA clearly can be treated with Botox and it really works. But it will depend on the experience of the doctor to calculate the exact dosage and injection. 

What Are the Side Effects of Botox ?

Botox that are genuine and have been reviewed by the FDA in a standardised clinic that will not leave residue in the body. Although, there may be side effects after the injection such as feeling aches or tightness at the injection area. These are normal symptoms that are not dangerous, if symptoms occur they can be observed.

  1. Ptosis, drooping of the corners of the mouth, an incomplete smile, shin splints are side effects caused by Botox injections near the area. Injections near the upper eyelids solve the problem of wrinkles around the eyes causing the muscles around the eyelids to weaken and the eyelids can fall if the injection technique is wrong, including inappropriate estimation of the amount of Botox and injected incorrectly.
  2. The case of inflammation after injection is often caused by patients that choose to inject Botox with non-standard clinical valuation. A non-fully qualified or professional  doctor, the equipment used by these practitioners is not clean enough for the process with no cleaning system used.

Advice for before and after injection of Botox

Advice for before and after injection of Botox

Before injecting Botox

  1. Choose a reliable standardised clinic certified by the Ministry of Public Health. 
  2. Using genuine botox, check for reassurance.
  3. Before injecting, the doctor should have the Botox mix for you to view in front of you every time. This will ensure that the saline is not over diluted and a new bottle is used.
  4. The physician who performs the injections should have a great deal of experience with botox injections.
  5. Botox should not be injected more than 300 units at a time.
  6. During the injection there should be a cold compress to reduce the flow of blood around the veins.

After injecting Botox

  1. After Botox injections, you should immediately move and contract the injected muscles 1-2 times.
  2. Avoid lying down for 3 hours.
  3. According to research, it was found that taking 50 mg of zinc before and after Botox injections helps the Botox to act faster and work more efficiently.
  4. Avoid all kinds of heat and activities that make your face flustered.
  5. Abstain from all kinds of alcoholic beverages, grilled pork, grilled shabu, or food that requires you to sit in front of a hot stove.
  6. If you have facial appointments or facial massage courses, you should refrain from attending these appointments for 2 weeks after Botox injections.
  7. Botox injections should be injected continuously at an appropriate distance. do not inject too often (at least 3 months apart) and not too spaced out (should not be more than 5-6 months apart).

How long does a Botox shot last ?

Botox of each brand or type will not have the same duration. Depending on the properties, the method of purifying the drug, the type of protein complex or the size of the molecule complex. Molecule complex size will cause the most differences in the Botox injections, but for ease of understanding, the doctor will divide it from the injection site.

  • Full face wrinkle reduction and slender face Botox Lasts for 3-4 months
  • Jaw reduction and slender face Botox Lasts for 5-6 months
  • Underarm and perspiration Botox Lasts for 3-5 months
  • Upper arm and calf Botox Lasts for 4-6 months

Procedure of injected Botox in Bangkok

  1. Visit a doctor for a consultation and evaluation of your face shape and skin condition before Botox injections.
  2. Choose the brand of Botox to use from the following: American, English, German,  Korean. Each type will have different properties, both in terms of drug distribution, the speed of action and the length of time the effect lasts, Including different prices.
  3. Botox will be injected into the area to be treated, whether it be the jaw, wrinkles, or other areas. Before the injection, an anaesthetic or ice compress will be applied to reduce the pain during the injection.
  4. The doctor starts to inject the Botox with a small needle into the muscle area.

Why it’s done in bangkok

Bangkok is considered the source of beauty clinics and talented physicians who are highly experienced and trusted by both Thai and foreign customers. Also Botox in Bangkok is a source of Medical Tourism that gathers a team of experienced physicians that have the best craftsmanship in Asia at an economical price, getting results that are safe and worthwhile.

V Square Clinic's medical team

V Square Clinic is a beauty clinic with reviews from the majority of satisfied customers in Thailand. There are more customers from word of mouth, including many celebrities, leading celebrities in Thailand who trust us to take care of their appearance continuously. Thus ensuring the standard and quality, all cases will be consulted directly with a physician to receive the best advice and treatment plan.

What brand of Botox is best ?

There are different strengths for each brand of botox, matter of duration, purity of the drug, the results, the price, all of which the physician will recommend suited for each person.

  1. Allergan Botox

The drug purity is 99.5%. The more pure the botox, the less chance of drug resistance after multiple injections. This provides the most accurate treatment resulting in longer lasting results and is 20% tighter than normal Korean Botox.

  1. Dysport Botox

The drug is widely distributed and suitable for large muscles such as calves, upper arms and dermolift face lifts. It covers sweat glands better than other brands. Sweat appears more dryer than other brands and the results are as natural as possible.

  1. Xeomin Botox

Suitable for cases with botox resistance and injection spacing of 2-3 years. High purity and is not a narrowly concentrated drug.

  1. Nabota Botox

Korean botox, a fast acting drug with quick visible results. It is the only Korean botox brand that has been certified by the US US.FDA.

  1. Aestox Botox

Korean Botox that strives to improve the quality of Allergan Botox at double the price. However, the results will not be as long lasting.

How much does Botox cost ?

Each price for our Botox injections to reduce wrinkles are determined by the brand of botox chosen and the quantity used. From thousands to tens of thousands of doctors will assess what type of Botox is suitable for different cases, also in accordance with the budget. In order for the patient to insert suitable Botox of the best value and quality.

Botox promotions at V Square Clinic 

Botox promotions

Prices of Botox for Jaw reduction and adjusting facial contours

Korean Botox – Nabota 

  • 100 units : 6,999.-

Korean Botox – Aestox 

  • 100 units : 6,999.-

American Botox – Allergan

  • 100 units : 15,999.-

English Botox – Dysport

  • 300 units : 13,999.-

German Botox – Xeomin

  • 100 units : 15,999.-
Botox promotions

Botox prices for reducing wrinkles + adjusting facial contours ( All face involved )

Korean Botox – Nabota 

  • 100 units : 9,000.-
  • 150 units : 12,000.-

Korean Botox – Aestox 

  • 100 units : 9,000.-
  • 150 units : 12,000.- 

American Botox – Allergan 

  • 50 units : 10,000.-
  • 100 units : 18,000.-

English Botox – Dysport  

  • 300 units : 18,000.-

German Botox – Xeomin 

  • 100 units : 18,000.-
Botox promotions2

Botox prices for Perspiration / Underarm

Korean Botox – Nabota/ Aestox 

  • 100 units : 9,000.- | Lasts 3 months
  • 150 units : 12,000.- | Lasts 4-5 months
  • 200 units : 16,000.- | Lasts 5 months

English Botox – Dysport

  • 300 units : 18,000.- | Lasts 3 months
  • 600 units : 28,000.- | Lasts 5 months

German Botox – Xeomin

  • 200 units : 28,000.- | Lasts 5 months

Botox prices for Upper arm / Calf

Korean Botox – Nabota/ Aestox

  • 150 units : 12,000.-
  • 200 units : 16,000.-

American Botox – Allergan

  • 200 units : 32,000.-

English Botox – Dysport

  • 600 units : 28,000.-

German Botox – Xeomin

  • 200 units 28,000.-


If you are interested in having botox, whether it is reducing wrinkles, adjusting facial contours, reducing perspiration, etc., you are welcome to consult a team of physicians at V Square Clinic in any of our 21 branches free of charge. Talk to physicians directly, not through sales, feel confident in receiving the best advice according to medical principles.


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