Nose filler, injecting fillers into the nose, 26 popular clinics in Bangkok, reshaping the nose, enhancing the nose for appeal.

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Nose filler


Nose fillers are another method that can help make the nose more prominent, without surgery. It is suitable for people who are afraid of surgery. There is no required recovery time perfect for those who request fast results. This filler adjusts the shape of the nose to match the face whilst still looking natural. What is a nasal filler injection? There are advantages and precautions that you should know before injecting nasal fillers. How much are nasal fillers? Where is the best nose filler injection clinic in Bangkok? Follow up in this article.  

Nose filler content

What is nose filler ?

Nose fillers are hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers that have been certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for standard safety procedures. They are used to reshape and adjust the nose to make it stand out by sharpening the nose bridge or increasing the tip of the nose to reveal a natural look without surgery.

Nasal fillers can also be used to fill in and correct, in these cases the nose is out of proportion, deformed, or needs to be adjusted into a different shape for a more satisfying proportion. After pursuing the nose filler injections, the changes can be seen immediately.

Example of nose filler 1 cc

Example of nose filler 1 cc. Nose augmentation can be done with the original nose base.

Nose filler pros and cons

Prost Cautions
Non-surgical with no scarring, recuperation, swelling or bruising. Suitable for people who already have the same nose base. Fillers can’t augment the nose with more than 1 cc.
After nose filler injections, the results are immediately visible. Seeing full results in 1-2 weeks. It takes the technique and experience of a physician to mould the filler out into a precise shape.
Can enhance the nose to become more prominent by focusing on the tip of the nose. Not suitable for people who plan to have rhinoplasty in the future, as it will cause problems in the adhesion of the silicone stick.

Nose filler costs

Nose filler injection prices, starting price 14,000.-/1 CC

At V square Clinic, we use world-class branded fillers, which are Swedish fillers, Restylane, Perlane and Lyft as hard fillers. These fillers have high stability, do not cause swelling and can maintain a long lasting structure for 12 months depending on the brand of filler used and the care after the filler injection. 

If using other brands, other models may be satisfying only in the early stages, after that the nose bridge will be less sharp and bloom.

Nose filler injection prices

Nose filler before and after

Nose filler before and after_1
Nose filler before and after_2
Nose filler before and after_3
Nose filler before and after_4

Nasal filler injections achieve beautiful, prominent nose shapes, looking natural. Patients must take into account that there is a balance and the angle of the nose that must be matched to the face.

  • Balance – The starting point of the nose is at the junction of both eyes, not from the lower frontal bone. It is possible to make the nose rise but it will not look natural, deceiving the eye.
  • The angle of the nose – The angle must be compatible with the face. The height of the nose should be approximately 30-60 degrees so that you can still get a picture from the side and make it out at about 45 degrees.

Nose filler injections in Bangkok

If you search for “Nose filler injections in Bangkok” or “Where is the best place to get nose fillers?”, you will find that there are a large number of nose filler clinics in Bangkok. To ensure efficient results and safety before deciding to have a nose filler injections, there is a checklist that you should consider as follows:

  1. The clinic is open for service according to the law and standards.
  2. Physicians have experience in filler injections and face contouring.
  3. Use genuine fillers, safe and certified by the FDA.
  4. Spacious clinics have a clean and sterile operating room that is a certificated area .
  5. There are many branches. It is convenient to travel to and is located in the mall or near the mall. There is a parking lot. 
  6. There are many ways to contact the clinic such as by phone, Facebook, Line@
  7. There are reviews from real users of both still images and current VDO.
  8. Reasonable price, not too cheap or too expensive.
  9. Follow-up appointments were made after the case was satisfied.
  10. Free consultation before making an appointment or walk-in to the branch.

The physician assesses the face before injecting the nose filler. prominent nose augmentation.

V Square Clinic has a total of 26 branches covering the Bangkok area. Most of them are in shopping malls or near shopping malls with convenient transportation and are standardised clinics. They Include a team of highly experienced physicians in filler injections and face contouring. There are specific techniques that focus on safety and natural looking results. 



Nose fillers can adjust the shape of the nose, also enhancing the nose to become more prominent. Suitable for people who already have the same nose base. This uses about 1 cc of filler, although if your doctor estimates you need more fillers That case may not be suitable for nasal filler injections.

In the case of not wanting surgery, fear of pain or no time to recuperate, there is another method, which is threading the nose. This process will help lift the bridge of the nose more clearly, this is absolutely worth it as it lasts for 6 months – 2 years (depending on the type of silk). After doing this, you will see results immediately and the outcome is a natural look. You can ask questions or send a picture of your face to a physician for free online evaluation.


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